Photography Workshop

Viji's Photography Studio

Why should you consider small workshops over schooling or bootcamps?

Learning to become a professional photographer is easier than ever. There is vast amount of resources both free and paid from college education, bootcamps as well as group workshops. Unfortunately, when information is catered toward the mass, materials are spread too far too thin. Consequently, most lessons are slower paced and simplified for diverse audiences where individual factors are not taken into considerations. The unspoken theory in real world is that fittest survive and the weakest fail. However, our one on one workshop perfectly delivers the required skills at the most appropriate pace to the individual in much efficient manner. There is no one to compete or judge your performance but yourself. Learn at your pace at your terms to elevate your standard.

What can you expect from our specialized one-on-one workshop?

Viji Photography offers complete photography training course divided into four sections. Each lesson is 2-3 hours in length cost of $150.00 per lesson. First, the lighting, contrast and color theories are studied in depth in relation to photographs using variety of examples. Second, shooting techniques including manual mode, focusing strategies and thinking process while composing the shots are practiced on location. Third, advanced image processing methods are demonstrated using industry standard software applications. Lastly, preferred genre of photography is practiced in the field while managing common challenges in producing outstanding imagery. Upon completion, additional resources, service discounts and marketing opportunities are made available to participants for future endeavors.

What is the requirement to enrol in the training?

Since the training is provided per individual basis, there are no restrictions or limitations. You are more than welcome to start with little to no experience in the preferred photography genre. All you need is passion and commitment to learn and grow as a photographer. Just bring your own camera, does not have be a DSLR, a point and shoot camera would be sufficient. After learning the basics, you are expected practice consistently to become the master of your vision. Like any other profession, your discipline is the key to success not necessarily talent. Please refer to our comprehensive frequently asked questions (FAQ) for more information but of course, do not hesitate to contact at us should you have any questions or concerns.